Melanie (Melbourne) & Atefeh (Tehran) / Circle Messages

Conversations between the Iranian santoor, the western flute and the computer.

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Dastgah Drift ~

Composition 1 ~

Chahargah (exerpt a) ~

Chahargah (exerpt b) ~

Rast panjgah ~


A triangle is worth two in the hand

A triangle is worth two in the hand is a four-track EP that embodies the lived experience of chronic illness — in my case epilepsy. The body and the nervous system are a changeable entity, but all bodies are eventually fragile. In this music, I feel a relationship to the patterns of the heart, the nervous system and lungs. The EP covers a range of techniques, from 100% sampled work (Bird and Dolphin) to tracks made with almost-fully synthesised sound (Elysian Air).

I put these pieces together during a break late in my PhD. I generated synthetic ‘breath’ sounds, recorded and cut up percussion samples, and imagined bodily landscapes. I enjoyed the break in thesis-language — especially feeling each track’s sound-world and rhythmic momentum.

ESM-artificial designed the sleeve art work and Kramer mastered the EP. Kramer said he had an emotional response to mastering, which I found interesting. The best place to get the EP is from me, here, because it’s cheaper! It’s also on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and other online media outlets. Thanks to those supporters who grabbed an earlier mix on BandCamp, this version emerged a little stronger for 2018! There’ll be more music coming up, including free downloads, so contact me if you’re into the music.

Bird and Dolphin~


A triangle is worth two in the hand~

Elysian Air~