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The Slow Orbit

I was curious about early English prosody and wrote an example poem. In medieval times, to be born under the sign of Saturn, was to move slowly and to be gloomy, as it was the slowest planet in the sky at that point and the farthest from the sun. As time in the western canon went on, references to the Saturnine character came to be about the melancholy, the morose, the dreary, surly, or the mysterious. I didn’t really know this until after I wrote this poem using Old English line as a formal guide. I might develop this Saturnine idea in a more focused way (a character, for example), but that is another story.

Spiralling swamp                     a Saturnine lope,

mud mends your cuts             gained in the mangrove.

The wind is a wound               slaps wet through the twigs,

gasp in the gloaming              a grim opening.

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  1. Your poem is written as if you have just uncovered the story of Saturn from medieval times! It’s wonderful.

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