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The Creative Flute: How to incorporate Freedom and Technique in your Playing

There is nothing more liberating than playing an instrument. Known for its lyrical and haunting qualities, the flute is found in nearly all musical cultures of the world. One of the oldest instruments, it is also one that composers turned to in the 20th century to experiment and explore new techniques.

Flute playing can be a mysterious and surprising beast. Melodies step in giant leaps, light classical duets circle each other, decorative counter-melodies twirl and dance, percussive figures attack with breath. The flute overjoys and seduces with sonic potential. As someone with expertise in performance and composition, I bring creative strategies to learning the flute and freeing your sound.

Drawing: Alex Hotchin

Flute talk

To conclude, because there is so much information on the web you might want something a little more personalised. If you’d like me to focus on where you’re at, get in touch for a review lesson. If you want to dig a little deeper, I offer a customised plan.

The review lesson: A 1 one-hour live call/lesson, followed by a written report after our consultation based on things you are doing well and areas you can move toward.

The customised journey: After a review call, I put together a detailed plan for your playing. I include two live lessons and a final follow up lesson.


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Freedom and Technique

Some of the options sessions can cover:

Beginning the flute

Picking up where you left off (returning to flute)

Refreshing repertoire

Technique enquiries and practice plans

Your flute and technology

Improvisation techniques

Phrasing and rhythm

Classical and Baroque interpretation

Developing performances

Your flute and your (popular) culture

Music histories

Transcription (notation of heard music)