List of Works

May 2017-present: composition and instrumental improvisation with Atefeh Einali (Tehran, Iran), composer and performer on santour, exploring distinctive harmonic traditions

2012-2016: PhD — portfolio of electronic music along with thesis, Fading Out, Fading In: Investigating the Relations Between Epilepsy, Electronic Music, and Gender

Nov 2013-March 2014: Days (without dialogue) curated by Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe for Contemporary Composition: From Avant-Garde to Experimental as part of Now Hear This, the sound component of Melbourne Now at the Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, Melbourne.

2015/Jan 2018: solo four-track EP released. A triangle is worth two in the hand 

Nov 2014: solo five-track EP released. A metal the flute has melted

2013: MCVox – Cries from the Guts issue of new media journal Experiments & Intensities series published by Winchester University Press (digital publication). Archived in the British Library.

Commissioned sonic art works and electroacoustic compositions

September 2012: Michael Chang commissioned a primary sound work for Video Dia Longhi 2012 Video Festival, Velan Gallery for Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy, December 2012.
April 2011 Michael Chang commissioned Vox for Fragments, a collaborative exhibition curated by himself and Marty McCutcheon, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York, USA.
Nov 2010 soundtrack for Performance Draw commissioned by artist, Dai Zhen Chew
Nov 2009  Waves commissioned by Duke Albada for Wavelength, permanent audiovisual alcove at the new Goldcoast Exhibition Centre (Queensland).
June 2009 Tramspotting – four-channel electroacoustic soundscape by Melanie Chilianis commissioned by visual artist Michelle Hamer. Fortyfivedownstairs, Flinders Lane, Melbourne
2003-2005  Three short pieces commissioned by, online magazine (archived by the National Library of Australia as an “online electronic publication of national significance”) by Simon Sellars

Solo exhibitions

March 2010 Days of Our Lives, Four channel sound installation with solo performance, Bus Gallery, little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. (curated show).Exhibited 2 March to 19 March 2010  Solo performance – 18 March 2010

International curated exhibitions 

Nov 2009 Under the Bamboo Part of – Sounds from the Weave Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Camden, USA. Curated by Dr Mark Zaki, Assistant Professor of Music, Rutgers University. A Complex Weave: Women and Identity in Contemporary Art, curated by Dr. Martin Rosenberg, Professor of Art History, Rutgers University and Dr. J. Susan Isaacs, Professor of Art History at Towson University.

Sonic-visual works – exhibition dates

2009 The Vitruvian Woman, collaborative video art work. M. Chang & M. Chilianis – Carriers & Receptive Units – [Heart] World premiere screening, March 14 – April 19 March 2009, Formverk Art Zone, artist-run space in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Project created by Michael Chang (Denmark)
Vitruvian Woman
installation part of Video Dia Loghi 2009 Video Festival, Velan Gallery for Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy, December 14 – 23 2009
Aug 2008
Contributed sound for Antti Pussinen’s sound installation for Urb08, Urban arts festival, Conteporary Art Museum Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
Collaborative audiovisual practice undertaken with Michael Chang (2008 – 2009), several pieces produced:

Raspen Ungaten

Carriers and Receptive Units

Sound design for formlestness with Bonnie Hart (text) & Tim Parish (video), part of NeoPoetry: A Copyleft Compilation of Australian Video Art (funded by Australia Council)

Performances of Melanie Chilianis’ compositions

2009 Sounds from the Weave performances, Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Camden, USA. Under the Bamboo, Program 4, November 24, 2009
Bi-carb Ducklet (fl, live processing) performed at the Quiet on the Bridge CD launch. re-sound ensemble. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
2007 Kappa
(fl, cl, gt & electroacoustic CD) performed by Italian ensemble Trio Altrove 1.3 at Monash University, Prato Centre, Italy
Live broadcast on Italy’s Radio 3 (RAI) June 16 2007, (Kappa)
Performance of my electroacoustic arrangement of Cage’s Waterwalk took place in John Cage’s Musicircus, part of Melbourne International Arts Festival 2007, BMW Edge. Curated by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
Kappa performed by Trio Altrove 1.3 at Iwaki Auditorium in a program of new Australian and Italian compositions; live broadcast on ABC FM, July 2006.
Performance of Pirate Door & Desert Factory at CD launch of Quiet on the Bridge: Contemporary Chamber Music Meets Electronica, Gertrude’s Brown Couch, Melbourne, 2006
Performance of breath stain, Ephemeral Densities CD launch, Pony (funded by City of Melbourne) 2005
Performance of Desert Factory part of Ungrounded: an audio-visual performance of existential concerns, re-sound ensemble (with Tim O’Dwyer, Fly by Wire & Jargan). North Melbourne Town Hall, November 2005 (Funded by City of Melbourne)

Compositions on CD

2007                        Quiet on the bridge / re-sound
Pirate Door (electroacoustic work) –  Melanie Chilianis; 3’38”
Desert Factory – Melanie Chilianis (textures), Thomas Reiner (electronic beats), & Paul Todd (clarinet); 4’08”
Kappa (scored for flute, clarinet, guitar & electroacoustic CD) – Melanie Chilianis; 9’49”
Published by
Move Records2007 [MD3317] — 1 CD (75 min.)

2007                        Kappa / Trio Altrove 1.3 (Italian chamber group)
Kappa (scored for flute, clarinet, guitar & electroacoustic CD) – Melanie Chilianis; 10’22
Published by
Move Records — 2007 [MD3313] — 1 CD (51 min.) Australian Music Centre Library: CD 1774  (Produced with the support of the Arts Faculty at Monash University)

2005                        Ephemeral Densities / re-sound
Breath Stain – Melanie Chilianis, 5’04” Published by Move Records — 2005 [MD3295]Australian Music Centre Library no: CD 1475