Meet and Greet

This collaborative soundscape composition eventuated through video calls and audio file exchange with experimental musician/composer/artist Rangga Purnama Aji (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). His artwork appears below and the resulting piece can be listened to on his youtube channel. As I let go of some of the timbres of rave and jungle that have informed my recent electronic music, I find renewal in collaborative projects such as this, and the sonic intersubjectivities these bring to the surface.


Melanie me cover art


A month and a move. Changing suburb is like waking up. Like getting hurt, moving crab-like and sunning yourself in the heat of the day. Draw this, hear this taste this? The firemen are gardening today and the other morning fooling around on a segue. Planning is difficult when there is all this to look at and then the bustle down the road is bursting with vim. Markets beckon. Every day the firepeople test their gear at regular intervals, but moments become sonic details, a harried boxing object, the bounce-echo of basketball irregularly played, mostly male voices rising up together in a cry to their engines, water draining. They go out when the community calls. In the summer months, their community is needy and must be reassured as well as saved. Siren tests fold over sensor sounds and truck sirens. The trees squeak with the sirens today, the first thirty-eight degree day of summer. Winding windy.


I’ve made a piece recently that builds around two location recordings made with my phone — not something I usually do, but all I had on me at the time. One recording was from the  waterfront in Thessaloniki, Greece and the other from the hinterland of south-eastern Queensland (Australia). The recording from Queensland contains different positions of a stream that were able to give distinct qualities of noise (as waterfalls are usually a white noise phenomenon).

I mixed into these a synthesiser riff and drum pattern at two intervals. In the second half, the stream/waterfall is the timbral source for a rhythmic pattern editor. I composed rhythms that I mixed in with the original signal to varying degrees. There are moments when the water engulfs the rhythm. It’s a bit of an experiment, but I find the rhythmic shaping most engaging.

Listen to the piece, Burst.